BBCode & Emoticons Show Up In Post Editor But Won't Work

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BBCode & Emoticons Show Up In Post Editor But Won't Work

Postby admin » Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:37 am

The problem is usually related with the editor.js file in the /styles/template folder. Either the js file is missing or something could be missing from the js file itself.

It's this missing apostrophe that sometimes breaks the javascript.

First make sure you see the link to the editor.js file in your browser inspector or just do control U (CTRL + U).

If everything looks good, check Color pallette function.
Code: Select all
background-color: #' + color +

Depending on your phpbb version, make sure that there is a space followed by an apostrophe like so:
Code: Select all
background-color: #' + color + '.

Make sure to refresh your template and purge the cache.
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