Change advanced search link colors

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Change advanced search link colors

Postby admin » Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:09 pm

To change the link color go to /styles/prosilver/theme/colours.css


Code: Select all
/* Links on gradient backgrounds */
#search-box a:link, .navbg a:link, .forumbg .header a:link, .forabg .header a:link, th a:link {
   color: #FFFFFF;

#search-box a:visited, .navbg a:visited, .forumbg .header a:visited, .forabg .header a:visited, th a:visited {
   color: #FFFFFF;

#search-box a:hover, .navbg a:hover, .forumbg .header a:hover, .forabg .header a:hover, th a:hover {
   color: #A8D8FF;

#search-box a:active, .navbg a:active, .forumbg .header a:active, .forabg .header a:active, th a:active {
   color: #C8E6FF;
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