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PhpBB SEO 0.6.6 Documentation

Postby admin » Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:42 pm

This is the phpBB SEO Advanced mod_rewrite core.
Please note that this version will not inject topic titles in post's URLS. This is to make it easier
to disallow them with our robots.txt file, since these are duplicates any way.

Starting from v0.6.0, the three phpBB SEO mod rewrites are merged into a single mod, the phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL mod.
Each one of the previous mods has now become a mode of the phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL mod.
You can just choose which mode to use in the ACP.

Version 0.6.0 as well introduces a new powerful option : SQL Rewriting.
You will now be able to chose topic URL on a per case basis, no matter the URL standard used.
This make the mixed mode with virtual folder option more powerful than ever, since you can keep static URL
for most cases and use selected keywords for the more important threads.

Enabling this option is optional, but even if you do not intend to set custom URLs for your threads,
it still makes the rewriting process faster than ever. Turning on the SQL rewriting option will not change your topic URLs,
it will only allow admins and moderators (of the concerned thread's forum) to do it on a per case basis
while posting and editing topic first post.

The phpbb_seo class was completely rewrote, all three types of URL rewriting are now merged without performance loss,
if not with better performance even without the SQL rewriting option activated.

You can insall the No Duplicate mod ( http://www.phpbb-seo.com/en/phpbb-seo-t ... t1225.html )
if you want to replace post URL with their corresponding topic URL.

This mod requires running Apache Server with mod_Rewrite module loaded, or IIS server running isapi_rewrite.

With this mod, phpBB URL will be transformed this way :
viewforum.php?f=xx => any-keywords-fxx.html (by default),
any-keywords-fxx/ (optional),
any-keywords/ (optional),
forumxx.html (optional),
viewforum.php?f=xx&start=yy => any-keywords-fxx-yy.html (by default),
any-keywords-fxx/pageyy.html (optional),
any-keywords/pageyy.html (optional),
forumxx-yy.html (optional),
viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy => topicyy.html (by default),
topic-title-tyy.html (optional),
any-keywords-tyy.html (optional),
any-keywords-fxx/topic-title-tyy.html (optional),
any-keywords-fxx/any-keywords-tyy.html (optional),
any-keywords/topicyy.html (optional),
any-keywords/topic-title-tyy.html (optional),
any-keywords/any-keywords-tyy.html (optional)
viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy&start=zz => topicyy-zz.html (by default),
topic-title-tyy-zz.html (optional),
any-keywords-tyy-zz.html (optional),
any-keywords-fxx/topic-title-tyy-zz.html (optional),
any-keywords-fxx/any-keywords-tyy-zz.html (optional),
any-keywords/topicyy-zz.html (optional),
any-keywords/topic-title-tyy-zz.html (optional),
any-keywords/any-keywords-tyy-zz.html (optional)
viewtopic.php?p=xx => postxx.html (by default)
download/file.php?id=xx(&t=1) => resources/file-title/(thumb/)xx (optional)
memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=xx => memberxx.html (by default),
memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&un=nickname memberxx/ (by default),
if possible nickname-uxx.html (optional),
nickname-uxx/ (optional),
member/nickname (optional)
memberlist.php?mode=group&g=xx => groupxx.html (by default),
groupe-name-gxx.html (optional)
memberlist.php?mode=group&g=xx&start=yy => groupxx-yy.html (by default),
groupe-name-gxx-yy.html (optional),
groupxx/pageyy.html (optional),
groupe-name-gxx/pageyy.html (optional)
memberlist.php?mode=leaders => the-team.html (by default)
search.php?author_id=xx&sr=post|topics => memberxx-posts|topics.html (optional),
search_id=egosearch memberxx/posts|topics/ (optional),
search.php?author=nickname&sr=post|topics nickname-uxx-posts|topics.html (optional),
if possible nickname-uxx/posts|topics/ (optional),
member/nickname/posts|topics/ (optional)
search.php?author_id=xx&sr=post|topics&start=yy => memberxx-posts|topics-yy.html (optional),
search.php?author=nickname&sr=post|topics&start=yy memberxx/posts|topics/pageyy.html (optional),
if possible nickname-uxx-posts|topics-yy.html (optional),
nickname-uxx/posts|topics/pageyy.html (optional),
member/nickname/posts|topics/pageyy.html (optional)
search_id=active_topics => active-topics.html
search_id=active_topics&start=xx => active-topics-xx.html
search_id=unanswered&sr=topics => unanswered.html,
search_id=unanswered&start=xx&sr=topics => unanswered-xx.html,
search_id=newposts&sr=topics => newposts.html,
search_id=newposts&start=xx&sr=topics => newposts-xx.html,
search_id=unreadposts => unreadposts.html,
search_id=unreadposts&start=xx => unreadposts-xx.html,
If the virtual folder is turned on, global announces will be treated in a separate virtual folder :
viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy => announces/announces-title-tyy.html
viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy&start=zz => announces/announces-title-tyy-zz.html

This mod has nothing in common with other phpBB mod rewrite, it will perform the URL rewriting
without using ob_start() nor adding any SQL. It is thus faster and not messing anymore with Gun-Zip
or with the html link format, and will not output any pagination duplicates.

The process is optimized, titles and URLs are transformed once, even if the url is called and outputted many times.

WARNING : Topic title injection in URL can be hard to deal with depending on the type of subjects your
forum is about. In most cases phpBB SEO recommend the use of the phpBB SEO mixed mod Rewrite instead.
Please read : http://boards.phpbb-seo.com/phpbb-seo-t ... -vt66.html
This mod is and will be compatible to all phpBB SEO modules, specific install instructions may apply.
phpBB SEO will provide patches to allow for other URL standards support upon request,
so that everyone can take advantage of the phpBB mod Rewrites enhancement without jeopardising his Page-Ranking.

Char-sets :
phpBB3 uses UTF-8 as final encoding, and this should be enough to handle all cases.
UTF-8 is fully supported by this mod.
The mod rewrite will only inject the ASCII Chars ( after removing all accents ) available in the titles.

For example : "[non ASCII chars] Software niño" will be formated this way prior to injection : "software-nino".
It is still possible that some characters only having a decimal HTML/XML entity won't be handled properly at first.
The method to filter these is simple, please ask for help in our forums.

Migration :

If you are migration, eg if your forum is already indexed using different URLs,
you'll have to use another robots.txt and install the zero duplicate.
The migrating procedure will allow you to migrate and keep your previously indexed pages.
Older links will be HTTP 301 redirected to the new ones. It is rather simple, but the solution depends on cases.
Let's meet in the phpBB SEO mod rewrite forum ( http://www.phpbb-seo.com/en/phpbb-mod-rewrite/ ).

0.6.4 => 0.6.6 Update : Required changes to be found in contrib/maj/0.6.4_0.6.6_Ultimate_Update.txt
Previous updates are to be found in the contrib/old/ folder.

We, phpBB SEO, have decided to license this mod under the RPL Licence ( http://www.opensource.org/licenses/rpl.php )
which states you cannot remove the phpBB SEO credits and if you make any modifications you have to resubmit them
to phpBB SEO for inclusion into this package again. You can read the license for yourself for further info.
You can of course use this mod without any more limitations than those stated here and in the licence.
At least a link ( http://www.phpbb-seo.com/ ) is required on every web site using this mod, or,
if your web site does not comply with what phpBB SEO can link to, one proven link within a
general audience hard link directory of your choice not already listing phpBB SEO.
For more details about possible exceptions, please contact a phpBB SEO administrator (primarily SeO or dcz).
Failure to comply will jeopardize support and developments.
This mod is stable, despite the comment you will see bellow in the Disclaimer & Other Notes.
The AVNW Support Team

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