[CSS] Title post links don't work or skip from the html page

[CSS] Title post links don't work or skip from the html page

Postby admin » Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:03 pm

Symptom: When one clicks on a link, it kind of skips or slips away from the mouse cursor or some other form of bizarre behavior. The problem could even extend to other type of linking on your site pages, where links are avoiding the mouse. If you are experiencing these html errors on WordPress then you have for sure a CSS conflict.

Solution: You need to disable all your plugins as one is in conflict with your theme. Read the This message was hidden, please register or login to see message! for some ideas. The next step is to find out what is causing it to conflict. It could be an element like a heading tag (e.g. <H3>) or a property (e.g. display: block), sp you should use a browser inspector.

On FireFox, this is in the menu: Tools > Web Developer > Inspector (or Ctrl + Shift + C). You can read more about the FF Inspector This message was hidden, please register or login to see message!.

Find out what the semantic markup of your target element is and search your plugin files. It should be a .css file in some css folder. Once you find the line or lines that are creating these linking errors, you could either remove the entire expression (e.g. from some heading tag elements here { do all this up to the last curly bracket } ). In the end and depending upon how much removing that part of the css affects the offending plugin itself, you may have to rewrite CSS code.

That said, just removing the part of the css layout that creates problems could be good enough. As always, make sure to back up both your MySql files and filesystem.

WARNING: We assume you are a semi-advanced web designer. Do not attempt to do this unless you are sure of what you're doing. Please hire a WordPress web designer expert for assistance.
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