How To Prevent 'Database Update Required'

How To Prevent 'Database Update Required'

Postby admin » Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:31 pm

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You just imported your WordPress SQL file using phpMyAdmin, you tried to refresh your site and instead you see this error message:
Database Update Required

WordPress has been updated! Before we send you on your way, we have to update your database to the newest version.

The update process may take a little while, so please be patient.

Update Wordpress Database

Well, if you click on that you will run into problems with many of your plugins and extensions. What to do?

You need to trick the WP Update sequence by telling it that you are already caught up.

  1. Go to /~root/wp-include/ and open the version.php.
  2. Find the value for $wp_db_version, and write it down.
  3. Now, open your database, check in the table called wp_options
  4. Find the db_version value by doing a search for the keyword "version" or maybe "db_version":
  5. Look in the results for the table WP_Options
  6. SELECT option_value FROM the database table/wp_options WHERE option_name = 'db_version';
  7. Those two values must match with your system file (version.php). Change it the one in version.php file, not the in database!
  8. Clearing browser cache (Shift+F5).

That should work and give you this:
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For example: Your WordPress version was 4.6 and now wants to be updated to 4.9 (see screenshots):
You already know that your version was 4.6 so change that first.
So, go ahead drop all your table again and import your old MySQL database via phpMyAdmin.
Do the keyword search as instructed above an find that table.
Take a look at the table now...see the number?

This code is hidden: 

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If the option db_upgraded isn’t getting set by the upgrade process. Try this: go to ~root/wp-admin/options.php. Fill the field db_upgraded with a 0 (zero). Then save.
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