How to disable links in RSS Feed sidebar widget

How to disable links in RSS Feed sidebar widget

Postby admin » Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:41 pm

If you don't know the class for your widget, use your browser inspector to find out the class for the links. On FireFox, this is in the menu: Tools > Web Developer > Inspector (or Ctrl + Shift + C). You can read more about the FF Inspector This message was hidden, please register or login to see message!.

Find out what the semantic markup of your target is, for example, the element is "widget_rss.panel".


Go to your WordPress site > wp-content > themes > your-theme > functions.php.

Copy and paste the following code:

Code: Select all
Disable links in sidebar widget
.widget_rss.panel {

       pointer-events: none!important;
       cursor: default!important;

So, use the code as reference and replace '.widget_rss.panel ' with your own semantic element taken from inspector.

Code: Select all

Sometime there are 2 RSS feed widgets in the sidebar and may not want to disable the links for the first widget module. When there are 2 rss feeds, the should be extensions like 'first-child' or 'last-child'"

Disable links in sidebar widget
.widget_rss.panel-last-child {

       pointer-events: none!important;
       cursor: default!important;

Just make sure you've got the correct mark ups!
WARNING: These changes may be removed if your theme is either updated or upgraded!
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