Beware of GEEKSWAT and its Fake Tech Scam at 855-883-9471

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Beware of GEEKSWAT and its Fake Tech Scam at 855-883-9471

Postby admin » Tue Jul 04, 2017 8:29 am

The people answering calls at (855) 883-9471 and who reportedly are using "GEEKSWAT" as a company name are conducting a serious scam on the web which should be monitored by all the network authorities.

They go under the company 'Geekswat Solutions', a fake computer repair service in Ocilla, Georgia, USA, with an apparent fake address. However, it's more probable that they are GEEKSWAT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, a software company in Delhi, India. Address: OFFICE NO 106, PLOT NO 45-46 ,BALAJI COMPLEX,WEST GURU ANGAD NAGAR, LAXMINAGAR, INDIA-, Mohan Park, New Delhi, 110092, India.

Whether they are GEEKSWAT from India or not, it's not confirmed as of yet.

These scammers have developed a few websites providing free content such as a movies on demand for people to watch, so that when someone clicks on a search box or a play button in one of those movie players, a window pop-up comes onscreen taking over the browser and alerting the user of a fake virus threat in one's computer and how to deal with it before "they", for security reasons, do something to one's computer.

In this popup window there will be 'help' instructions to call GEEKSWAT at (855) 883-9471. Once you call, a person or persons with Indian accent respond and tell you what you need to do. What they will give you instead is instructions so that you yield your computer to their control. Windows users will be first asked to press the windows key + R. Then ask you to type iexplorer http://www.help.com, etc, etc.

DON'T CALL THIS PHONE NUMBER. It's exactly what the wanted. They are using a method of browser hijacking called "scareware" and if you accept their "help" your computer will be seriously compromised and exposed without your knowledge.

What one should do to close these tricky popups is very simple: press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This calls the Windows Task Manager. Click on the "Applications" tab. You should see the list of applications running on your computer. Select your browser. Make a right click with mouse. Select 'End Process" from the menu. This should close your browser and the alert popup.

If you restart your browser make sure to quickly close any windows before they fully load to your computer.

As you can see in the illustration above, this sort of scare tactic is not uncommon. In this case below, the phone number is different

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