How to install PhpBB SEO

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How to install PhpBB SEO

Postby admin » Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:10 am

These instructions apply perfectly for PhpBB SEO v.0.6.6. and works with PhpBB versions up to 3.0.12.

  1. Upload phpbb_seo 0.6.6 with AutoMOD.
    If your PhpBB is 3.0.9 or higher, there will be a warning telling you that, and one should ignore it.
  2. Install. There will be 3 Could Not Be Found error messages at the top of the page.
    The files that will need editing are:
    1. includes/functions.php
    2. includes/functions_posting.php
    3. includes/session.php
      Find "redirect(build_url(array('sid')));" and paste the code provided after the closing curly bracket (}).
  3. Make sure to create folder called "cache" in your /phpbb_seo directory/
  4. Make sure to chmod 777 all files (not just its folders)
  5. Set the way you want your links to change. We use Advanced mode on this support board. Remember that every time you change the settings in the phpBB SEO 'Class settings', you will need to generate and save the new changes to your htaccess in the root directory!

Error posting!
You may have to remove the following from the code provided if you get a parsing syntax error when clicking on posts, images or attachments.
Remove the following lines from /includes/functions_posting.php:
global $phpbb_seo;
$phpbb_seo->set_url(htmlspecialchars_decode($forum_name), $forum_id, 'forum');
$phpbb_seo->prepare_iurl(array('topic_id' => $topic_id, 'topic_title' =>
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