How much does it cost to develop a Tinder like mobile app?

How much does it cost to develop a Tinder like mobile app?

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In A Nutshell:
Depending upon the complexity of a project, the design, development, project management, and testing of a Tinder clone can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 USD.

Short Answer:
A report by This message was hidden, please register or login to see message! priced a Tinder clone cost at $12,000 for the iOS version and $9,000 for the Android version. Add in another $10,000 for the server component and that's a cool $30k.
A report by This message was hidden, please register or login to see message! put a Tinder clone at $60k to $90k, and simple app starting at $20k
This message was hidden, please register or login to see message! pricing puts a very simple app at $1k-10k and a basic database app at $10k-$50k.
A salary for senior software developer in the US is over $100,000/yr (that's about $500 per working day, if you can even hire them in the first place).

Long Answer:
Funding & Time:
Building any solid mobile app requires a considerable amount of money. If you are a programmer yourself, you can save on one seat, but for a full-fledged multi-platform mobile app you'll require also a designer, perhaps a back-end guy (for databases or any foundational work) and iOS and Android specialists. Account for at least 4 people on the team, and about 12-18 weeks to complete the project

There are a few web frameworks and languages to build a mobile app. For example, Rails which is written in Ruby, the programming language which is also used alongside Rails. Ruby is to Rails as PHP is to Symfony and Zend, or as Python is to Django. The appeal of Ruby to developers lies in the elegance and terseness of the language. That said, it is possible to build a web app a bit cheaper on Apache software and Linux operating system servers running PHP scripting programming language.

How Much Does It Usually Cost To Make A Professional App?
While the price estimate above to create a Tinder like app is only rough, you can get a better idea of cost by selecting the features you would like for your app using this online tool:

Reference Source: ... -iOS-clone

In addition, a 'Tinder like' application can not be run on shared environments because of the lack of access to root (PHP). It's highly recommended to be run either on a dedicated server, or at the very least, a virtual private server (VPS).

A dedicated server has more power and can satisfy the demands of any high traffic app (bandwidth, speed and resources). Hosting charges run at about $1,700 and up per year, or if you prefer to pay monthly, $200 a month.

A VPS barely cuts it and is not recommended unless you don't anticipate lots of traffic for your app. Hosting charges run at about $900 and up per year, or if you prefer to pay monthly, $120 a month.

Ongoing Maintenance:
Don't forget that technology is dynamic. There are down times and bug fixes and errors and software updates you'll have to deal with on an ongoing basis, so don't even think about calling it a "one-time project" that has a beginning and an end, because there is no end.
You'd have to account for at least one person to be with you full time to manage your mobile apps - and that is if this guy knows all platforms inside out.

Reference Source: ... mobile-app

Basic Features for IOS & Android Apps:
  1. Capability to send one push notification & email every day at specific time to inform users saying that your matches queue has been refilled.
  2. Connect with Facebook accounts and auto upload all the vital stats like age, high school, college, likes etc.
  3. As a community match or dating app, ask user to fill up information like religion, community, education, occupation, ethnicity, date Sports and few Tags like "foodie" or "beer snob" or "world traveler" etc. These help better match in niche community
  4. Matched users can send private messages to each other. Show typing notifications, unread count and push notification messages in case one of them is offline
  5. Give user discovery preferences like distance, height, minimum and maximum age, gender, location of match, religion, community, education and occupation.
  6. Give option to users on homepage to invite friends or wait for 9 AM everyday to fresh 12 matches. If existing user, then he can see 12 preferred matches. User can swipe left or right to either dislike or like the profile.
  7. On the match screen for a particular profile user can just swipe up to view details of that person and swipe down to go back and continue to next profile.
  8. In user's detail profile it will show recent 16 facebook photos of that person. Unlike Tinder here you can zoom their pictures.
  9. If user A likes a user B and then next day user A will come to User B's preferred 12 matches list of the day. If user B likes back then we have a match.
  10. Capability to show all the matches that a user has in a separate screen for private messaging
  11. Admin panel with user management

Extra Requirements for IOS App Developers:
  • Xcode 8 or later - FREE
  • An Apple Developer Account - $99/Year
  • A QuickBlox Account - FREE
  • Be Registered As A FaceBook Developer - FREE

Extra Requirements for Android App Developers:
  • Google Play developer account ($25)
  • Be Registered As A FaceBook Developer - FREE

Summary of the cost to create a commercial mobile App:

(if you have to cut corners, you can do without anything written in red)
  1. Original script and programming app from scratch, $20,000 to $50,000.
  2. Server & Machine Components, $10K to $20K (most OS and scripting languages are free).
  3. App clone, $500 to $10,000 (single - multiple site license).
  4. Script Installation, $3,000 to $15,000 (iOs, Android, or both).
  5. Hosting Services: VPS or dedicated server (if no server component) $1,700 to $5,000 per year.
  6. Application Programming Interface (API) $4,000 to $8000. (including any app developer's fees for java script programming, e.g. profile maker, etc
  7. Graphic Design, $10,000 to $20,000.
  8. Demo Version with separate domain $10,000 to $15,000 (recommended for beta testing) .
  9. Social Login Integration $3,000 to $6,000.
  10. App Icon, $200 to $2,000.
  11. Domain Name, $12 to $35.

Other DB and Script Options suitable for non commercial projects:
A Node.js server project option which uses an open source Parse server along with a MongoDB database is a cheaper solution as far as saving on hosting charges is concerned; the minimum server cost for deploying an app on the Google Cloud Platform starts at $15/per month, but this will increase as your visitor and members traffic increases.
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