How to fix "Cannot read from the source file or disk" -WIN 7

How to fix "Cannot read from the source file or disk" -WIN 7

Postby admin » Sun Jun 04, 2017 11:33 am

What does "can't read from the source file or disk while copying" mean and how can you remove this error?

Symptom: You are trying to copy some old files from one of my external hard-drives, onto a more recent one with bigger memory and had no problem so far. You've moved many gigabytes with no problems, but now there is a file which keep giving you this error.

You can't copy it from one hard-drive to the other, can't create a copy on my desktop, can't create a copy on the original hard drive. The only thing that you can do is delete the file and have it sent to the Recycle bin. You can't move it to the desktop from there, only restore it to its original location.

These are videos files you've watched all the way with no issues so the files aren't corrupt. You are running Windows Vista /XP/Win 7/8, with admin permissions.

Possible Cause: Disk corruption/ Bad Sectors.

Solution: Do a disk check and repair using 'Chkdsk' to fix disk errors.
Scan the hard drive using this free tool already available in your computer. If there are any errors, it will go ahead and automatically fix them. Just do the following:

At the command prompt (may need to run as administrator), type "chkdsk n: /f" . Replace "n" with the correct letter of your external drive (typically E, F. G, H). Done.
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