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Designing a web site that can fit from a large computer to a little smartphone screen has been very expensive in the past.

Now for as little as $99 you can get a web design that will work great on all computers, laptops, or mobile devices (tablets, iPods, iPhones, smartphones, etc). 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Have a look at this $99 web site example:

You get unlimited text and 20 pictures for up to 3 pages and a contact page. Please mention code: SP99 when ordering service.

Do you need hosting and a domain name as well?
We have the perfect solution for only $199!
See the illustration flyer above.

Keep in mind that 80% of all internet traffic now consists of mobile device users, and if your web site doesn’t display correctly on them, visitors simply hit the ‘back’ button before your web page gets even fully downloaded!

If this is your business web site, and it is still not ‘mobile friendly’, then you are losing more business than you know. Business can benefit by the improved information accessibility that bring mobile designs.

Personal web sites benefit as they allow potential employers to access your online information faster and better than your job competitors. It is a must-have for all job seeking individuals or persons running a home based business.

Artists can also benefit by reaching out to a worldwide audience much better and may even increase their sale of digital downloads.

If you prefer, you can transfer your existent web site that presently doesn’t look good on smartphones (it displays too tiny) to one we will design at an affordable price.

Please email us  or call (917) six eight eight, seven two four four.